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The Monitoring Center
Monitoring Center: Consists of BHI RNs and non-clinical staff who communicate all aspects of your care to each member of your care team. Patient: You! The most important part of the equation. Physician: The MD who manages your intrathecal pump. Field Nurse: BHI RN who comes to your home for refills and titrations of your pump. Pharmacy: Consist of BHI pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that are responsible for making the medication that  your pump is refilled with.

The Monitoring Center (MC) acts as the center of our communication structure. The MC's goal is to maintain exceptional patient care through effective communication between our patients, nursing staff, pharmacy, and the managing physicians. The MC is made up of highly skilled Registered Nurses (RNs) who are available to BHI patients and managing physicians 8:30 am - 7 pm EST Monday through Friday. All clinical calls are triaged through the MC and referred to the appropriate member of the patient's care team. This structure is unique to our industry and is what makes BHI so invaluable to our patients' care.

Why should a BHI patient call the MC?

  • Rescheduling an Appointment
  • Going on Vacation/Traveling
  • Requesting an Increase/Decrease
  • Changes done at an MD office appointment
  • Pump related issues/questions

Rescheduling an Appointment

Due to the nature of their job, your field nurse may not be available to take your call. Call the Monitoring Center to reschedule your appointments and a staff member will be able to immediately assist you.

Going on Vacation/Traveling

The Monitoring Center will assist in coordinating refills around your travel plans and vacations. Basic Home Infusion currently has field nurses covering 45 states. To better aid in this process, you should call the Monitoring Center as soon as you know of your travel plans and whether those plans will affect your scheduled refill. This allows time for the Monitoring Center to find the safest and most suitable solution for your refill. The Monitoring Center may help coordinate an early refill with your current field nurse or a refill done by another qualified BHI field nurse in a different state.

Changes done at a MD office appointment

The Monitoring Center needs to be notified when you go to your physician’s office for a dose adjustment. Dose adjustments can change your alarm date and affect when your pump needs to be refilled again. We keep track of our patients’ alarm dates and make every effort to prevent our patients’ pumps from alarming due to a missed refill.

Requesting an Increase/Decrease

When calling the Monitoring Center requesting an increase or decrease to your pump dosage, you will be directed to an RN who will ask you several questions to assess your current symptoms. The Monitoring Center RN will send notification to your physician in regards to your request. Your physician will determine if changes are to be made and will contact the Monitoring Center RN back with new orders. The Monitoring Center RN will then direct your Field Nurse to carry out the orders. Requests are addressed this way because the MC has immediate access to each patient’s current pump settings and medical information. This prevents medication errors and ensures that our Pharmacy is aware of each patient’s current pump settings.

Pump related issues/questions

Each MC RN is specifically trained in intrathecal pump therapy. They are a great resource for you to call for any questions or pump issues you may have. They make every effort to help you find solutions and will follow through until each issue is complete.

Patient Testimonial:

       " Basic Home Infusion does a great job. Very helpful as well as treating me like a person, not a number or chart. Thank you much."

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