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BHI's management systems take the stress out of the IT therapy for both the Physician and office staff. By performing the following tasks:

  • Completing all the pump services prior to office visit
  • Having the Monitoring Center handle 95% of the calls
  • Schedule Morphine and Baclofen pump refill dates
  • 24 hour on call for ER or MRI visits by BHI Nurse
  • Physician Web Portal Access via Internet for all clinical data
  • Access to Support staff trained in IT therapies
  • Proactive management to avoid unscheduled visits
  • Hospital and SNF coverage for patients
  • Dosage consulting with BHI pharmacist
  • Gives physicians more control over the therapy
  • Increased profitability

BHI will provide you with the following Key Benefits:

Proactive A Disease State Management Program (DSM) that provides direction and options that ensure successful clinical pathways.  Maximize Benefits Our multidisciplinary approach, tailored to meet individual needs, provides optimum therapy benefits. This goal is achieved via our continuous monitoring and frequent interaction with patients.  Cost Effective BHI prevents and reduces the number of unnecessary hospitalizations, physician visits and emergency therapies. Costs to patient are eliminated  Coordination of Services BHI will review all external therapies as they would impact the implanted pump therapy and provide direction and proper procedure.



Patient Testimonial:

       " Basic Home Infusion does a great job. Very helpful as well as treating me like a person, not a number or chart. Thank you much."

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