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Can Do MS Launches ‘MS Path 2 Care’ to Help Patients Be Equal Partners in Care

An MS Path 2 Care initiative has been launched by Can Do MS—the initiative aims to help those affected by MS be more active partners in their healthcare experience.

Can Do MS is a national non-profit organization that delivers health and wellness education programs that are focused on exercise, nutrition, symptom management and motivation for families living with multiple sclerosis.

MS Path 2 Care concentrates on the importance of shared decision-making between patients, their care partners and their healthcare teams. The goal of the initiative is to encourage strong and collaborative relationships between all those who are involved in MS care. These experts across the MS community include patients, healthcare providers and national advocacy groups.

The website features four education modules that each have insights and stories from those touched by MS. The offered modules are Understanding Your Healthcare Team, Partnering with Your Healthcare Team, Navigating the Healthcare System and Strengthening Your Support Partnership. These are all made to highlight the importance of having a broad healthcare team, building a trusting partnership with that team, having resources that help with MS management and its impact on finances, relationships, etc. It also provides an overview of the impact the disease can have at a physical, cognitive and emotional level.

“The patient and the healthcare provider are both experts in MS; they are partners in care. The provider is an expert in the science, and the patient lives with the disease every day,” said Stephanie Buxhoeveden, MSCN, a program participant. “Having been on both sides of the conversation, I know that each has a unique and complementary perspective.”

Buxhoeveden also called MS Path 2 Care a “valuable” resource in providing MS patients with the right tools so they can begin a productive conversation with their healthcare provider about their MS.

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