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Making Your Daily MS Life Easier

By conserving your energy efficiently, you can have more time to do and engage in activities and you actually enjoy. Thankfully, there are a few #MSLifeHacks out there that can definitely help you achieve this.

Personal Care

One must plan ahead in all aspects when having an illness like multiple sclerosis, personal care of course being the most important. Using warm (not hot) water in the shower, for example, will help eliminate shortness of breath from steam buildup and condensation, this will also reduce heat sensitivity. Also take advantage of using appliances like a bath bench, bath stool, grab bars or raised toilets to make bathing and toileting easier, safer, and hassle-free.

Getting Dressed

Using products like zipper pulls, magnetic shirt buttons, jewelry helpers, sock aids and shoe horns can make getting dressed a much easier task. It is also a good idea to wear loose fitted clothing for easier breathing as well as for easy dressing and undressing. Organize, lay out, and plan what you are going to wear ahead of time when you feel you have the most energy to do so to make the next change you have an easier and more convenient one. Be sure to always dress your weaker limbs first and undress your strongest limbs first as this will be the easiest.

Household Tasks

Take advantage of household appliances that were made to make everyone’s life a little easier—like a dishwasher! Let dishes soak instead of wasting your energy scrubbing, air dry your dishes and use things like long handled mops and dusters.

Be sure to always take as many breaks as needed so you don’t overdo it. A good guide to follow is to take 10 minutes each hour to rest, and never be afraid to ask family and friends for help when you need it!

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