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This MS Warrior Keeps Takes Charge of His MS Through Diet and Exercise

Instead of solely relying on medication as his only source of multiple sclerosis treatment, Tony Ferro is facing his disease with an intense wellness regimen.

Starting with his diet, an important aspect of keeping MS in check, Ferro had completely sworn off pasta, pizza and other processed foods after being diagnosed with MS in 2012. Water being his beverage of choice, as well as making berries and veggies a main component of his diet.

Thirty-nine year old Ferro began experiencing symptoms a decade ago while in his late 20s, he also noticed a decline in his health prior to his diagnosis when he added more than 100 pounds to his already large frame.

“By the time I went to the doctor, I was severely numb from the neck down,” he said. “It was hard to walk because I couldn’t feel my feet on the ground. I didn’t have full use of my right hand. I couldn’t put socks on, grab a glass, shake your hand. My depth perception was off. My balance was off.”

Over the last six years of committing to his new lifestyle change, he dropped 120 pounds.

“Everybody tells me, I don’t know why you’re doing so well but keep doing what you’re doing,” stated Ferro. “If I can do it, anybody can.”

Dr. Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, a leading Buffalo-based neurologist agreed, saying she thinks diet and exercise are both very important. “I absolutely think that medication alone is not sufficient but is an add-on. To have full, 100-percent control, you have to have both,” she also added.

Ferro chose a “mind, body and spirit” approach to better health since he hated the side effects of the drug treatments—dizziness, balance issues, weakness, fatigue and flu-like symptoms.

Although Ferro’s approach to MS symptom and disease management is not for everyone, as everyone’s case of the disease is different. He encouraged those with symptoms of a diagnosis to work closely with a doctor to devise the best approach to treatment. In fact, after his diagnosis, Ferro said he was discouraged from exercising for fear he might get overheated, he said “The understanding of MS has developed since.”

In 2014, Ferro started the Change MS Wellness Foundation and has also become a certified nutritional consultant.

Source: Buffalo News

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