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Planning Ahead For Your MS

Living a life with multiple sclerosis means living a life full of constant demands of effort and energy for even the simplest of tasks. MS patients have more than enough to worry about when it comes to their symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness and imbalance, therefore conserving as well as managing your energy properly can be extremely beneficial—sometimes all it takes is a little planning to help get by.

Having everything already pre-thought out for you so you do not have to physically endure unnec

essary steps ahead while trying to accomplish a task. Make sure you also have the necessary tools you need to complete whichever tasks need to be completed that day accessible and ready for use.

Practice the 4 Ps

It is important to plan even the simple things—how you will prioritize, plan, pace and position yourself and your tasks throughout the day in order to shave even the smallest amounts of work off of these simple everyday tasks.

Prioritize what needs to be done today, and what can be done later on at a different date and time, always begin with the most important task at hand in order to make sure it gets done.

Plan activities throughout the week in order to avoid doing too many activities in one day. Alternate light and heavy tasks throughout the day so you don’t overdo it and give yourself little reminders of your daily schedule by posting it on a space like your refrigerator.

Pace yourself and give your body the rest it needs throughout the day. While it is easy to get caught up and attached to a routine and pre-planned tasks, maintain a healthy slow and steady pace in order to keep up with your tasks.

Position yourself in ways most comfortable for you do perform your everyday tasks like getting dressed or even just while sitting and standing throughout the day. Sitting also saves 25 percent of your energy, so be sure to sit when you can.

Get started by using this guide on energy conservation and planning.

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