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Is Your Lack Of Vitamin D Putting You At Risk?

August 12, 2015

Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones and a healthy immune system. Without an adequate amount of the vitamin, it is difficult to absorb calcium into the body.

While it isn’t regarded as highly as it should, having a Vitamin D deficiency can result in harmful illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Lacking the vitamin can also lead to other health problems such as bone pain and muscle weakness.

Many studies have noted that there is a strong link between multiple sclerosis and Vitamin D deficiency. This leads into studies that have also suggested that a lack of sun exposure amplifies risk of MS, as does being geographically located far from the equator.

Increasing your Vitamin D levels is a very important thing to do when living with MS, as ridding your body of the deficiency could be incredibly beneficial for your well-being. While it is always important to remember to protect your skin with SPF when exposed to the sun, getting daily Vitamin D intake from the outdoors is overall the best way to boost these vitamin levels.

Since staying outdoors is not always accessible for everyone and heat can be unbearable at times, especially for MS patients, there are many other ways you can boost your vitamin level intake. Fatty fish (salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna and eel) and eggs are great to additions that can be fit into your diet. Foods such as whole grain cereals and drinking orange juice (brands like Florida Natural and Minute Maid Kids+) are also great sources of Vitamin D. There is also the option to pursue Vitamin D supplements in which you can always speak with your doctor about.