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Don’t Let Your Wheelchair Get In The Way of Your Workout

July 27, 2015


Exercising sounds like it would be difficult for wheelchair bound patients, but it is fairly simple to stay active. You may not be able to access the entirety of your body while practicing different physical activities, but you will definitely be getting just as much of a workout.

It is vital for those in wheelchairs to stay active and stretch their limbs from time to time, but it is always of extreme importance to ask your doctor if you are able to participate in routinely exercises. He or she may also be able to recommend mild exercises appropriate for your condition.

For starters, aquatic exercises can be extremely beneficial for people with mobility issues. When in the water doing exercises, the body is supported and aids in reducing muscle or joint discomfort.

In addition to cardiovascular training, such as the water exercises, strength training exercises are ideal for building and toning your muscles. An example of this could involve doing seated dips while in your wheelchair. You would go about doing this by setting your chair breaks, holding onto your armrest, lifting your body up and setting it back down onto your chair again.

As for flexibility exercises, they can make you less prone to injuries and reduce pain from muscle stiffness. Wheelchair yoga would be a great flexibility exercise to try out. There are a variety of different poses one can take part in while in a wheelchair, such as popular ones like cat pose, side stretch, back twist, eagle pose, leg stretch and forward bend.

Wheelchair sports are also extremely popular--besides the benefits you get from staying active, they can lead to many great opportunities. Set a comfortable routine for yourself when participating in these wheelchair exercises because you don’t want to overwork your body all at once. It’s always a good idea to pace yourself by starting small and then working your way up.