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Women with MS Are Lacking Vital Nutrients

July 24, 2015


If you are a woman with multiple sclerosis (MS), it may be a good idea to start eating foods with higher contents of nutrients such as vitamin E. Studies show that MS in females can be linked to this type of ordeal, due to the lack of these vitamins in comparison to healthy ‘control’ women in the study conducted.

30 healthy Caucasian women acted as controls and 27 Caucasian women with MS were compared in this study. It was determined that women with MS were deficient specifically in five nutrients: food folate, vitamin E, magnesium, quercetin and lutein-zeaxanthin.

While the studies do show a clear difference in nutrient intake levels between patients and the controls, researchers are still unsure of why that is. It's not yet clear if the MS patients show deficiencies in these areas because they have the chronic disease, or if their lack of vitamin intake is a cause of their MS.

More in depth research would need to be conducted in order to determine the reasoning for this.

Although, we are knowledgeable of other things due to this study. The most important being that women with MS clearly have lower levels of these vital nutrients, this goes to say that women should try to increase their intake of them.

Water-soluble food folate is commonly found in beans and lentils, while foods such as mackerel fish, raw spinach, and nuts and seeds can do wonders for an increase in your magnesium intake. Your vitamin E (α-Tocopherol) intake can be boosted by consuming foods that consist of vegetable oils, wheat germ and other foods. Eat more leafy greens for lutein-zeaxanthin, and more foods such as onions and capers for quercetin.

By adding these nutrient enriched foods to your diet, you can help push your body towards its proper balanced nature. 

Women with MS Are Lacking Vital Nutrients - Fri July 24, 2015 3:08 PM